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Are you a First-Generation American
navigating the delicate
balance of two worlds?

Our First-Generation Coaching Program is designed just for you!

Unlock the potential for personal growth, resilience and cultural empowerment.

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How can coaching help a
First-Generation American?

Coaching can help you address many areas in your life, some may include:


You  may be experiencing feelings of guilt, anxiety, shame, stress or confusion and need a safe space to explore them with someone who understands.


You and your family might be facing challenges in communication, or you could be struggling to meet each other's expectations, including those you place on yourself as a result of the sacrifices made by your family


Being the first person in your family to attend or graduate from high school or college can be challenging when you don't have someone to guide you through it. 

Imposter Syndrome

When you have the pressure of fulfilling your immigrant family dreams , it is no surprise to battle feelings of inadequacy or self-doubt as you navigate unfamiliar academic and professional environments. 

Intergenerational Trauma

Are you ready to break free from your family's generational trauma and create your own story with behaviors and patterns that support the best version of you.


Finding someone who you can relate to in your family as a First-Gen can be difficult when your road maps are completely different. Counseling can help explore your unique identity, so that you show up as your authentic self.

Start your healing journey today

Embark on a journey of self-discovery & empowerment.

Your story, your strength, our support- together, we navigate the path to a brighter tomorrow.

Book your free 15 minute consultation .

My approach in counseling for

First-Generation Americans

Ileana Abreu

First Gen's deserve a space where they feel understood and validated for their unique experience.  As a First Gen myself , I deeply understand the challenges that come with trying to navigate two different cultures. 

My approach  to providing coaching services is rooted in cultural awareness, empathy, and relatability. I take pride in creating a space that goes beyond traditional counseling ,  by offering a safe and understanding environment specifically designed for first-generation individuals.

In my practice, cultural sensitivity is not just a checkbox—it's a fundamental aspect of every interaction. I recognize the importance of affirming and recognizing the diverse cultural backgrounds of each individual.


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