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Embrace Your Journey

Bloom Through It!

Inclusive Therapy & Coaching 

Therapy for building confidence, BIPOC population & Trauma recovery

for children, teens, adults and couples.

Online therapy in Texas.

Coaching is offered worldwide.

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You want to feel :


in yourself


to rewrite your story

In Control

of your life 

But instead you feel:

  • Guilty for feeling resentful of the difficult family relationships in your life

  • Feeling burnt out trying to please & putting others needs first

  • Anxious, depressed, irritable, overly sensitive, and reactive 

  • Self doubt & difficulty trusting your ability to make good decisions

  • Trapped in a cycle of seeking validation and approval

  • Tired of being misunderstood & having difficulty communicating with others

  • Numb or empty inside

Life doesn't have to stay this way.

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Hi, I'm Ileana

 I provide culturally informed therapy aimed at breaking generational cycles and fostering growth. I help clients explore childhood patterns, develop healthy coping skills, cultivate confidence and set boundaries for a brighter future.

How I can help 

Personal Development and Growth

Overcome Obstacles and Challenges

Build Confidence and Self-Esteem

Emotional Regulation

Personalized Coaching and Counseling.

Our Services

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